Zine and Indy Media Production Lab

Zine and Indy Media Production Lab

Course Name: Zine and Indy Media Production Lab

Facilitator: Lydia Grijalva

Class Description: Learn about investigative journalism’s radical roots, corruption in

mainstream contemporary journalism, the underground journalism movement, and how

to take the best practices from corporate journalism and empower grassroots

information banks with the ability to succeed. Develop writing, research, editing, design,

or visual art skills for print media. Students enrolled in this class will develop these skills

through guided experience, and be given the opportunity to be published in Füdizine.:

The People of Portland’s Food Magazine.

Vision: Students will become community leaders who understand how to decentralize

media in a way that allows publications to be filled with the truth, free of conflicts of

interest, and hold public figures accountable to people who can represent them

accurately. Our current mainstream media acts as PR, though Journalism was meant to

expose injustice and create a need for integrity and accountability. Currently, media

related to food is a messy, hot button issue. We will be exploring food politics through

decentralized media in this class.

What Students Might Expect: Students will receive an introduction on AP style,

investigative journalism, who runs the current media, and major issues with conflict of

interest. Students will share knowledge that they already bring into the classroom, and

together, we will integrate our knowledge and work to find more people centered


Registration: Classes Start March 15, and run Tuesday from 6:007:

30 pm.

Registration is open now and closes March 1st.

Cost : No additional Cost. All participants must be enrolled as CSE members, which

starts at $25/mo.


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March 15, 2015

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