Rainwater Catchment

Project Description

In this course we will explore the details of catching and utilizing rainwater. We will explore a typical water bill, research common and cheap strategies for containment, plumbing, and finally we will apply what we have learned by installing a custom rainwater catchment system.

Final Project

By the end of this course we will find a site, source materials, and install a cutting edge, high capacity rainwater catchment system, and document the whole process on this blog.

Skills and Concepts Covered:

-Basic Rainwater Plumbing


-Installing a functioning rainwater system

Follow this project

You can follow along as this project progresses so you can offer support and learn as we learn!


Project Updates

We’re Off!

Our first meeting was a great success! We talked about rainwater and started drawing up an action plan. We met with Mary from the Community Development Center, and are exploring the possibility of installing a rain garden on a property on Alberta Street! read more


In Progress



Start Date:

March 1st

End Date:

May 31st.