Building the Collaborative Economy

Building the Collaborative Economy

Course Name: Building Collaborative Economy in PDX

Facilitator: Joseph Drushal

Class Description:

Want to learn about and assist in the transition from an old economic paradigm to a new, burgeoning collaborative commons? This class explores such topics as local free/sharing economy resources, alternative currency and social capital, the coming Internet of Things (IoT), mechanisms of the dominant capitalist market economy, and how we can begin collaborating on new systems at a community level.

The vision:

We are rapidly approaching an era in human culture which many economists, innovators, and corporate leaders are already beginning to call the Third Industrial Revolution. The implications can mean an abundant and “zero marginal cost society,” for everyone, in our lifetime. This course aims to bring people together around education and collaborative systems-building in the local alternative economy, with the goal to create a more unified network of resource sharing in the new paradigm.

What students might expect:

Classes will follow a facilitated group discussion format around key learning topics, while collaboratively growing a common data bank of resources, working to define a common vision and affiliation, and actively seeking to form new connections for a common resource network. All students are participants in the organizational effort, and can decide their method of contribution by taking on assignments that benefit the group. Together we’ll find solutions for selfsufficiency in the 21century.

Schedule and Registration:

Classes are weekly, Sundays 5:30pm-7:30pm, and run March 8th to May 24th (12 weeks).

Cost: No additional Cost.

All participants must be enrolled as CSE members, which starts at $25/mo.


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March 15, 2015

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