Build Your Own 3D Printer

Build Your Own 3D Printer

Course Name: Build your own 3D printer

Facilitators: Jesse Jenkins, James Mitchell, Steven


Class Description:

Want to start manufacturing your dreams? Build a 3D printer! In this class you will: build

a 3D printer from a kit, learn how to 3D print, program and optimize your 3D printer once

it is working. This course will cover basic 3D printing topics including: preparing models

for 3D printing, making highquality

prints, and upgrading your 3D printer’s capabilities.

Our vision:

We want to empower the community to manifest their dreams. We like to spread the

DIY fever and sustainablethinking

that goes along with micromanufacturing.

We’d like

to make technology accessible to people of all backgrounds. We believe 3D printing is a

technology everyone can use to improve their quality of life.

What students might expect:

A fullyfunctioning

and reliable 3D printer

The ability to print their hearts desire (up to ~100 micron resolution)

Becoming a part of a local and global 3dprinting

and maker community

Schedule and Registration:


workshop February

1st registration deadline. February 21, 28 and Mar 7,

Mar 14

This is a 16hour

course divided into 4 afternoons which recur weekly on Saturday for 4



workshop March

8th deadline. March 28, April 7, 14, 21

This is a 32hour

course divided into 4 days which recur weekly on Saturday for 4


Cost: $960includes

instruction, 2 month CSE membership, and all 3D printer parts

and materials.


Posted on

March 15, 2015

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