Our space on Alberta Street is supported by community members who have committed to contribute $25 or more a month. Our members make this work possible, and together we are growing a network of individuals and organizations working for systemic change. In order to continue doing this work, we need to increase our membership to 80 members by the end of May. Whether you’ve been involved with the Guildhall for a while, or are have just learned about recently, NOW is the time to join in and support this project. We cannot continue without the participation of our community. Become a member today!

Membership benefits:

  • Free use of Alberta Guildhall to host community workshops/events
  • $15/hour rental fee for fundraisers, paid events or for-profit workshops (support your work by hosting events at a prime location!)
  • Participate in community led courses, skill shares and projects
  • Opportunity to lead courses and trainings as a facilitator
  • Participate in community building processes, systems and design
  • Be part of a mutual support network of activists and change-makers

Members Joined So Far

Members Needed

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