Should we stay or should we go?

Dear CSE community, We’d like to open this email with a deep, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been involved with Community Supported Everything over the years– everyone who has come and opened their hearts and minds and shared their vision of a better world. In particular we’d like to acknowledge supporters, volunteers, mentors, students, those who have been with us since the early days and those who have seen us through the transition to a member-supported community space. There is no other space like the Guildhall in the city of Portland. We are a place for activists, artists, dreamers, makers, healers, and doers to come together and re-imagine how we do everything. The need for spaces like these will not go away. Now more than ever, we need places we can gather together in constructive dialogue, and develop our own solutions to the challenges mounting around us. We are at a critical decision point for CSE. Over the winter we have put in hundreds of hours of work organizing CSE in a way that can sustain itself in the long-term. We are serious about seeing this project continue for years to come as we make the transition to a resilient, regenerative, life-affirming society. We have created a new website, an online event scheduling platform, specific volunteer roles, developed a model of community education and guiding materials to help people utilize this space to the greatest extend possible. The last need we must fill is the most important- it’s to grow our membership and support base! We are launching a membership drive this month to double our membership!...

We’re Off!

Our first meeting was a great success! We talked about rainwater and started drawing up an action plan. We met with Mary from the Community Development Center, and are exploring the possibility of installing a rain garden on a property on Alberta Street!